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Early Help at Captain Webb

At Captain Webb Primary we recognise the challenges that families face in bringing up children. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives and therefore an ethos of early help is important for any school. There maybe times when you need extra help, support or advice. If this is the case please come and talk to us, we are here to help.

Children, young people and families develop resilience if there are protective factors in place such as: a positive relationship with an adult, good literacy and communication skills, good school attendance and parents in or actively seeking work.

Children's needs are best met when help is offered in a universal setting within a socially mixed group and early on when problems start to emerge.

Children and young people’s needs are best met when addressed in the context of the whole family, meaning that parents/carers and siblings needs are addressed, with consent, as part of a holistic and integrated early help response.

Early help services should support and strengthen families, so that they can thrive.


How can I access Early Help at captain Webb?

Your class teacher is your first point of contact for any issues or concerns. Teachers are responsible for the well being of all the children in their class and will liaise and signpost to other staff members as required.

Our early help assessment lead at Captain Webb Primary is Mrs Gemma Boden.  Mrs Boden is contactable by email or phone.

 Email: or by calling the main school office on 01952 386 770.


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